Pande manufacturing and procurement service is a one-stop OEM service provider. Based in Guangzhou, the company provides engineering support, full range process manufacturing, and technical purchasing service.

Experienced of serving European SMEs since 2004, the company provides service of Manufacturing from technical drawing to the customized mechanical parts with full range of processes options and project procurement. We are committed to ensure quality and timely delivery. Working closely with five manufacturing facilities (pressure casting, sheet metal working, precision machining, rubber molding and injection molding).

Pande manufacturing and procurement service provides a comprehensive manufacturing service, providing all clients value adding services of consultancy, engineering support, product development and manufacturing.

We will be your best partner in China when you are in below scenarios
You have products to develop.
You have a wide range of products or projects to manage and you want all to be controlled by one competent hand.
You want to develop a product which involves more than one single process, maybe some pre-assembly or even the whole unit.
You want to get consultancy from a responsible supplier who has comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of various material and processes of product developing and mass production.

The company provides below manufacturing service
Prototype /mock-up making
Die casting and Tooling manufacturing
Investment (lost-wax) casting
sand casting service
Precision machining of both CNC milling and Lathing
Sheet metal working of stamping and fabrication, deep drawing
CNC stamping and CNC Spinning
Metal wire working
Tube bending for both 3D and 2D bending parts

And other non-metal processing services
Plastic parts molding and molds making
And Rubber part hot press molding


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